The Impact of Social Investing

November 24, 2016
A trendy idea called impact investment has been catching on all over the country. This type of investment is very important, in that it attempts to represents an attempt to leverage of capitalism with a philanthropic vision in a way that benefits everyone, including the investor and the investment target. While a great many investment firms have embraced impact investing for some clients, for Investor’s Impact, it is why they are in business.

The Investor’s Impact business model is built on impact investing. They are out to change the way their clients invest, but also the way everyone thinks about the end result of their investment. Of course investors always want a healthy return, so they tend to appreciate the competitive market-rate returns that are offered by Investor’s Impact, but they also like the added benefit that comes with creating meaningful social change.

All kinds of investment brokers and firms offer excellent returns, but Investor's Impact encourages their clients to look at both sides of every investment and to understand the relationship between investing and philanthropy. Their clients realize that they can increase their own wealth, while also making others’ lives better. The coordination between giving and investing represents the height of stewardship, as far as the good people at Investor’s Impact are concerned.
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